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The Basis of American Law

American law is based largely on English common law, wherein cases that are decided by a judge set a precedent for future cases. Judges under the common law system look at how previous similar cases have been decided, and decide which legal decisions in previous cases are applied. In effect, under the common law system judges have an enormous influence on society. Under this system, a jury of peers decides on the facts of a case, should the case be eligible for jury trial, and the judge decides on a sentence based on the jury’s decision.

In particular, the writ of habeas corpus in England set the precedent that no subject can be detained against his will by any entity or institution without the ability to challenge the detention in a reasonably expeditious manner through a court. It sets the burden of proof on those detaining rather than on those detained, and thereby safeguards the rights of the common people against arbitrary or unjust detentions. However, the U.S. Constitution provides for the temporary suspension of habeas corpus in exceptional cases, such as during a rebellion or invasion of the nation.

Another important concept inherited from England in American law and related to habeas corpus is that of due process, which derives from the Magna Carta of England in 1215. The Magna Carta restricted the ability of the King to act outside of established law, and has been incorporated into the U.S. Constitution and subsequent law to protect individuals from arbitrary actions by a government or other entity assuming power for itself acting outside of the rule of law.


Magna Carta of 1215.
Magna Carta of 1215.


Additionally, American law has largely been influenced by ancient Roman law, hence the Latin terminology that fills legal documents and textbooks. The Romans introduced many legal concepts used today, such as laws that are applicable to every citizen, the right of the accused to face their accusers under a court of law, as well as the right to return a defective product for the amount paid to the seller.

Given the richness of the legal system we have inherited from the English and Romans, we have been able to live fairly peaceably with one another and enjoy the comforts of modern life. It is our goal to become the premier resource online for people wanting to learn more about the services available to protect their rights. We thus have pages dedicated to different areas of law, such as employment lawtraffic lawfamily law, and criminal law, among others.

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