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Traffic law has become an area of enormous growth due, in part, to the implementation by many cities of red light cameras, which have raised legal and ethical questions among the public. Traffic stops have also become an unofficial way for cities to raise revenues, thus being used as a form of tax collection. This practice also raises ethical questions as it creates a conflict of interest for those issuing tickets, with emphasis on revenue generation over public safety. Nonetheless, traffic law is critical for public safety, as hundreds of thousands of people die each year from drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding, and other traffic infractions.

A lawyer can assist you with your legal case involving a traffic violation.

Legal Challenges to Red-light Cameras

In Florida, legal challenges to red-light cameras have been raised, at times bringing about a suspension of the programs. Some courts have decided that cities cannot delegate traditionally law enforcement duties to third-party vendors who provide the technology. Some attorneys are therefore urging those who’ve been issued a ticket to contact an experienced attorney or firm that deals with traffic matters to potentially challenge the ticket, with the legal cost substantially lower than the ticket.

Tickets and Insurance Premiums

Because insurance premiums may be tied to traffic tickets, it may be advisable in certain cases to consult an attorney to to beat the charge or to avoid accruing points on one’s driving record that may affect insurance premiums. These raised premiums may last for years. Simply paying the ticket may amount to an admission of guilt. An attorney that has dealt with a large number of traffic cases may be able to look at a client’s driving history, the ticket issues to the driver, and thus offer a strong defense to prevent the accrual of points. In some cases an attorney can even prevent a license from being suspended or revoked.

It is important to note that ignorance of the law is not a defense for breaking it. Arguing that one was specifically targeted is also unlikely to be successful argument in court. A judge hearing the case is likely to decide that the enforcement of the law is paramount.

One must also be careful about challenging a ticket pro se in court on the assumption that the ticket-issuing officer will not show up for the scheduled hearing, resulting in the charge being dismissed. Sometimes, particularly for more serious offenses, the officers will show up. If one is to challenge a ticket pro se, it’s best to have a solid legal basis for the challenge in case the officer shows up.

DUI Charges

Because of the fines for driving while intoxicated, the issuing of citations for this offense has also become a source of revenue for some counties. Unfortunately, some drivers may be accused of driving under the influence by an officer when in fact they are not, in the officer’s haste to meet a quota or due to poor judgment. Because of the legal consequences to such a serious offense, legal representation may be advisable. An experienced attorney may also be able to call into question the legality of the search or arrest of a driver, or to obtain a reduced sentence for the accused.

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